This kind of night only comes around once every few years

Where my mind, heart, and flesh experience déjà vu as I breathe in the slightly humid air

My skin sheds the years past

Then all the memories and feelings are taken away with a soft breeze and stored within the winds

Cause every time this night comes around it marks an end of something I’ve known for so long and welcomes something new

To me it’s all inexperienced, but in the air remains a familiar peace that assures me all will be okay in the face of everything that’s scheduled to change

I know this night will come again marking another end and beginning

But tonight while we sleep the rain will come and wash away what hides within the winds

The good, the lessons, the laughter will be put away for safekeeping

So when we wake up the next morning, we’ll know it’s time for another season

More laughter, more good, more lessons.


What Summer Sounds Like

I wanted to share my Spotify Spring-Summer playlist. This playlist consists of songs that have become a part of certain memories throughout the years! I could listen to these songs in fall or winter and it’ll still make me have that Spring-Summer feeling that I love. Press Read More to listen !


How To Preserve Your Relationship With God.

Having a relationship with God consists of bible reading, praying, and church attending and then actually implementing what you read in the bible into your life.

It’s hard sometimes. You have to put time and effort. It’s a relationship like any other. The only slight difference would be this relationship relies wholly on having faith in someone you can’t see, which makes it even harder.

So it’s easy to kind of drift away. We’ve all done it I’m sure. So I’m going to share the things I do in my daily life that help me maintain my relationship with God.


Morning Madness

When did this happen? She was perfectly fine with ponytails just last month. There’s no time, yet she’s insisting in straighten her hair with the blow dryer! I shake my head and tell her she looks good in ponytails in hopes of her changing her mind (she really does look nice in ponytails). My attempt failed, mom comes and quickly straightens her hair, because she doesn’t like how I do it, and neither do I for that matter. As I watched my mom fix my sister’s hair I couldn’t help to remember …